The Ultimate Bangkok Itinerary in 2 Days (2024 UPDATED)

The biggest city in Thailand, home to 8 million people, Bangkok is a bucket-list destination. With so many places to visit in Thailand, you may only have 2 days in Bangkok. But, 2 days in Bangkok is enough to see the major sites and leave you wanting to come back for more.

I have visited Bangkok for numerous weekend trips and week-long trips. I usually stay anywhere between 2-4 days during my visits. I taught English abroad in Chaing Mai, Thailand, and used the weekends as travel opportunities. Many weekends I spent in Bangkok! Each time I visited Bangkok, I loved the big city life! I always found something new to do.

This post takes you to all the best sites in Bangkok to maximize your Bangkok Itinerary for 2 days. From the best street food, the best shopping malls, and my favorite temples. Plus, I’ll answer FAQs and give insider temples all about Bangkok! Let’s get started!

bangkok city view - Bangkok itinerary 2 days

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The Ultimate Bangkok Itinerary in 2 Days

When is the Best Time to Visit Bangkok?

The first question on many traveler’s lists is usually “When is the best time to visit Bangkok?” The best time to visit Bangkok is from November to March. This time of year is known as the dry season. It will be cooler temperatures and little rain. This is also peak tourist season here, so visiting during these months expect to pay more for accommodations. 

If you plan a trip outside the dry season, here’s what you should expect.

April-May is known as the hot season. These months see very high temperatures and little rain to cool off outside. April to May are known to be the hottest months of the year, in an already very hot city.

June-October is the rainy season. Thailand is infamous for its flash flooding and monsoons. The rainy season here is no joke, and it’s likely to rain almost every day during these months. Don’t worry, it usually only rains for a short time, but when it rains, it pours.

How Do You Get From The Airport to Bangkok? 

Bangkok airport - Bangkok itinerary 2 days

There are two major airports in Bangkok, the Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and Don Mueang Airport (DMK). Both airports service many flights, and have different options to get to downtown Bangkok.

Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Downtown Bangkok

The BKK airport is the biggest airport in Thailand and services many of the larger aircraft and long-haul flights. From the BKK airport, there are many options to get downtown.

Airport Rail Link (ARL) – The Airport Rail Link is the best public transportation method to get downtown. This train connects the airport to the BTS station in Bangkok. The BTS is an overground train system, that connects all over Bangkok. It’s really convenient and easy to use as well. 

Take the ARL from BKK Airport to Phaya Thai station. From here, you’ll need to connect on the BTS or use other forms of transportation to reach your final destination.

Taxi – Taxi are very easy to use at the BKK airport. Once you exit customs, follow the signs towards taxis. You’ll want to book your taxi here, as they are less likely to overcharge you. 

Pro-Tip: Before you get in the Taxi, agree to use the meter. This way, you’ll spend less money.

Grab App – You’ll want to download this app before you arrive in Thailand. It’s the Thai version of “Uber”. Use Grab to call a taxi so it’s ready for you immediately.

Don Mueang Airport (DMK) to Downtown Bangkok

This airport is located north of the city and is known as a budget airport and offers no-frills flights. It also has fewer international flights. All this considered, it’s still a large airport. 

Getting from DMK to downtown Bangkok is similar to getting from BKK but with a few different options.

The DMK airport is not as convenient to get to using public transportation. You’ll want to call a metered taxi or Grab for the best options. By the time you use public transportation, it takes hours and only saves you a few dollars.

Bangkok Itinerary 2 Days 

Day 1: Exploring Old Bangkok

On your first day in Bangkok, you will visit the popular Buddhist temples in Bangkok, enjoy a boat ride along the Chao Phraya River, and explore the bustling Chinatown. Let’s get started! Bangkok itinerary 2 days - Wat Saket


Bangkok Itinerary 2 Days

Start your morning off with an early breakfast. Today you’ll be doing a lot of walking and sightseeing! You’ll want to be fully ready for the big adventure. Today you’ll also want to wear temple-appropriate attire (covering your shoulders and knees).

Begin your first morning in Bangkok at Wat Saket. I know, many itineraries will lead you to The Grand Palace first, but with only two days, I think it’s just more enjoyable to get away from the busy tourist attraction that takes hours to complete.

Wat Saket is a BEAUTIFUL temple on top of a hill in Bangkok. It’s located within walking distance of many other attractions, yet it sees such few tourists. After having visited Bangkok numerous times, Wat Saket remains my favorite thing to do in Bangkok.

This temple, located on top of a large hill in the city, is a beautiful hike to the top. I recommend doing this in the morning, as the chances of rain are lower and it also won’t be as hot. At the top, you’ll find a gorgeous temple, but also 360-degree views of Bangkok.

The views from the top are amazing! It’s like a two-for-one deal, seeing a temple and gorgeous views. You’ll really have an understanding of how massive Bangkok really is from the top.

Once you’re finished at Wat Saket, you’ll want to head to Wat Pho. You can choose to take on a 30-minute walk or grab a tuk-tuk or taxi.

Wat Pho is located along the river, next to the Grand Palace. Here you’ll catch up to the many tourists. This temple definitely gets crowded, but it’s famous for its giant reclining Buddha statue. There are many reclining Buddha statues in Thailand, this one is just the biggest.

Spend an hour or two at this temple learning about the Buddhist religion and Thai culture. Once you’re finished here, it’s time for some lunch.


After all that walking, hiking, and sightseeing, it’s time to grab some lunch. In the Grand Palace and Wat Pho area, you’ll find lots of local Thai cuisine. Although many of these places will be catered to tourists, most will speak English. This should help you order your first meal in Thailand.


Bangkok Itinerary 2 Days

Next, spend your afternoon taking a boat ride along the Chao Phraya River to get to Wat Arun.

wat arun temple bangkok Bangkok itinerary 2 days

The Chao Phraya River has a public transportation system that is fairly easy to use. You’ll want to get on the boat at Tah Tian boat station and exit at Wat Arun. The public boats are very cheap, easy to use, and a fun Thai experience!

Pro-Tip: If you enjoy riding the boat, take it to other stops along the river! You get to see a lot cruising along the Chao Phraya RIver.

Once you exit the boat, you’ll be at the entrance to Wat Arun. This is our last temple of the day, and it’s a beautiful one! I really loved this temple.

Spend about an hour exploring this temple. Wat Arun is a unique temple because of its architecture. Additionally, I love how it lines the river and lights up at night. It really is a unique and cool atmosphere.

Once you finish here, it’s time to head to the famous Chinatown area.


Bangkok Itinerary 2 Days

Bangkok itinerary 2 days - busy city street in chinatown

Chinatown is where we will finish our day. There is LOTS to do here from shopping and street food to colorful nightlife.

To get to Chinatown from Wat Arun you have many options. You can take a tuk-tuk, Grab, Taxi, or the Ferry Boat. Unfortunately, Wat Arun is not very well connected to Bangkok on the metro or BTS.

My suggestion is to take the ferry boat from Wat Arun to Ratchawong. Ratchawong is a stop just outside of Chinatown, about a 10-minute walk away.

Once you arrive in Chinatown you’ll be immediately transported to the bustling city life of Bangkok. The neon signs and small and crowded streets consume you. It’s known to have some of the best street food in Bangkok too! I really love it. 

While here, visit Yarowarat Road. This road is the heart of Chinatown. Explore this street and don’t be afraid to get lost! You’ll find lots of awesome food and shopping here.

If you want to shop, visit Sampeng Lane. On this street, you’ll find lots of trinkets that are mostly made in China. Even if you don’t want to shop, it’s a fun street to visit for people-watching.

Chinatown will also be the best place for you to have dinner. If you’re craving Chinese food, I recommend Kitchen Kam-Lung Hong Kong. This is a well-known and popular Chinese restaurant in the area.

Pro-tip: Many shops in this area close at 6 p.m. Do all your shopping and exploring before then, and grab dinner afterward.


If you still have energy for a night out, Khao San Road is a rite of passage for backpackers and tourists visiting Bangkok. This infamous street is the spot for travelers wanting a crazy party night out or crazy street food like scorpions on a stick.

Khao San Road is an empty road during the day but turns into the loudest street in Bangkok at night. It’s also pretty centrally located near all the attractions you visited today.

Bangkok Itinerary 2 Days

Day 2: Modern Bangkok and Cultural Gems

On the second day of your Bangkok Itinerary for 2 days, you will visit the beautiful Lumphini Park, visit some more street markets, shop til you drop into Bangkok’s massive malls, and head up to a rooftop for sunset. 

Today you probably won’t be visiting any Thai temples, so you don’t need to worry about following a dress code. Although you may see one along the way you want to stop in and visit, so I recommend you carry a cover-up in your day bag.


lumphini park - Bangkok itinerary 2 days

Start your day with breakfast near your hotel. Bangkok is a massive city, and there are lots of different parts of town to stay in. Make breakfast easy and convenient for your second day in Bangkok.

After breakfast, head to Lumphini Park. Lumphini Park is my favorite activity in Bangkok! I visit here every time I am in the city. I personally love to go on a morning run here, but it’s a great place to walk or people watch too.

The park is centrally located in the city and is the biggest urban green space in Bangkok. It’s the “Central Park” in Bangkok, but just on a much smaller scale.

Also, outside of the park gates, you’ll find many street food stalls selling all types of food. This is a good place to grab water or some fruit. I personally really love the pineapple in Thailand! It’s much sweeter here than in the USA.

After Lumphini Park, it’s time to visit a market. If you’re lucky enough to visit on a weekend, head to Chatuchak Weekend Market. This market is located next to the Chatuchak BTS station and is the largest market in Bangkok! There is so much to explore here. You’ll weave through small alleyways of shopping, have your pick at hundreds of street food options, and find all sorts of souvenirs. 

Pro-Tip: The Chatuchak Weekend Market is a good place to bargain for items. They will usually try to up-sell you here.

If you are visiting on a weekday, the Pratanum Market is also a good place to stop by. This market is an awesome spot to visit for bargain hunters and also gives you a taste of local life in Bangkok. Here you have a wide selection of clothing stores and street food. But, I usually just visit the markets for the ambiance, not necessarily to shop.

Bangkok shopping mall


For lunch, make your way to Sukhumvit. Sukhumvit is a tourist hot spot. It’s where a lot of the public transportation meets, the Metro and BTS, so it’s easy to get too. Here is where you’ll see the modern side of Bangkok.

Here, it feels like there are miles and miles worth of malls, and they’re all connected! It’s really easy to stay in the air conditioning around here.

It may sound cheesy, but I recommend you head inside Terminal 21 (a shopping mall) and go up to one of the top floors to visit the food courts. The mall food courts in Thailand offer surprisingly really cheap, authentic, and delicious Thai foods, at a cheap price! Sometimes, it’s even cheaper (and nicer) than the street food outside!

While you’re inside Terminal 21, this mall is just super unique. It has all kinds of themes from around the world, so spend some time soaking in the air conditioning and looking around.


Bangkok Itinerary 2 Days

Bangkok city street - Bangkok itinerary 2 days

It’s time to head to another shopping haven, Siam. Siam is also a big street filled with lots of malls, but this area also has museums. 

To get to Siam, you’ll want to take the BTS to Mo Chit station. Siam is an awesome part of town, that’s fun to visit both in the day and night.

While here, explore the many malls and shop til you drop. Once you’re finished shopping, you may want to consider going inside the Bangkok Art and Culture Center. This free exhibit is home to art galleries, shopping, and cafes.

If you want, take a quick walk to Erawan Shrine. This famous Hindu shrine is very unique and is one of the most popular shrines in Bangkok.


Bangkok Itinerary 2 Days

After you’ve finished your shopping and sightseeing for the day, you may be up for another night out. Bangkok comes to life at night and there are many different areas to explore.

You have a few options for the evening, head to back to Suhkumvhit to experience more of Bangkok’s nightlife or head to a rooftop restaurant to see the stunning city views at night.

Bangkok City Street

General Tips for Visiting Bangkok

  • Drink lots of water – Bangkok is HOT! Thailand is hot, but Bangkok feels hotter than any other part of Thailand. Make sure you drink lots of water during your trip. But DON’T drink the tap water. Bottles only!
  • Purchase a sim card at the airport – The best way to have your phone work during your trip is by purchasing a sim card upon arrival at the airport. Most of the stands will have a good deal. I used Truemove and it worked great for what I needed! It’s really helpful to have a working phone during your trip to help with navigation.
  • Dress strategically – You’ll want to have temple attire ready for your visits, but make sure your clothes are lightweight and breathable. Temple attire means your shoulders and knees are covered and you are in modest clothes. Elephant pants will be your friend!
  • Barter – Prices vary a lot in Thailand. Usually, you can barter for goods in markets. Always counteroffer until you settle on a price you are happy with.
  • Avoid Tuk-Tuk’s for the best prices – Tuk-Tuk’s will always charge you more than any other form of transportation, even if you barter. You should take one for the experience but rely on metered taxis and public transportation.

Bangkok FAQ’s

How Do You Get Around Bangkok?

Bangkok Itinerary 2 Days

Bangkok is a massive city with many different ways to get around the city. Here I will go through each transportation method you can use.

tuk tuk thailand

  • BTS – The BTS is the overground sky train in Bangkok. It’s very user-friendly for English speakers as well. It’s a cheap way to get around, but more expensive than the Metro. The BTS is great because you also get views of the city while you are riding it. There’s also a BTS App you can download to help you navigate the train.
  • Metro – The Metro is the underground subway system in Bangkok. The metro is great because it connects to the more densely populated areas in Bangkok closer to the river. It’s best to use if you are going towards the river, like the Grand Palace area. This will be the cheapest way to get around the city.
  • Taxi – Taxis are great if you are not next to a BTS or Metro stop. They’re especially efficient in groups of 3-4 people. When you hail a taxi, before stepping inside, you’ll want to agree to use a meter. The meter will guarantee you a cheaper ride instead of bargaining. Metered taxis only! 
  • Tuk Tuk – Tuk Tuk’s are arguably the most fun (and dangerous) way to get around Bangkok. These little scooters with seating in the back are an exciting way to zoom through the big city streets in an open aired vehicle. Tuk Tuk’s are probably going to be your most expensive option. If you want to take one, always try to negotiate a lower price than what they initially offer.
  • Grab App – The Grab App is Thailand’s version of Uber. This app is super user-friendly to English speakers as well. 

Best Places to Stay in Bangkok

Bangkok is a spread-out city, with a few central tourist areas. Here are my recommendations for where to stay in Bangkok.

  • Sukhumvit – Sukhumvit is the best place to stay for a first-time visitor to Bangkok. This area has loads of hotels and hostels and is a central spot with great transportation options. Sukhumvit is connected to both the Metro and the BTS, so you can easily get anywhere in the city.
  • Siam – The area known for its miles of malls, Siam has lots to do in Bangkok. This modern area is well-connected to the BTS and has cultural attractions, shopping, and rooftop bars.
  • Khoa San Road – A backpackers hotspot. If you are a backpacker, this is a great spot to meet other travelers. Khoa San Road definitely has a party reputation, but along with that, it’s close to the historic old town of Bangkok. Think famous temples and Chinatown.
  • Riverside – This is for the luxury traveler. Riverside is home to many of Bangkok’s best hotels with awesome rooftop pools. Also, it’s close to many of the temples and cultural attractions.
  • Anywhere along the Green or Blue BTS – If in doubt about where to stay, I recommend booking your accommodation anywhere along the Green or Blue BTS lines. The BTS will connect you to anywhere you need to go in Bangkok, so being close to it will make your trip that much easier.

Bangkok floating market

What Language Do They Speak in Thailand?

Bangkok Itinerary 2 Days

In Thailand, they speak the Thai language. This language is really different from English, and they do really enjoy when you try to use Thai to communicate!

Here are some simple phrases to get you started:

  • Hello
    • Sa-wa-dee-kah (Female) 
    • Sa-wa-dee-krab (Male)
  • Thank You
    • Kap-khun-ka (Female) 
    • Kap-khun-krab (Male)
  • How Much?
    • Taow-Rai-Kah (Female)
    • Taow-Rai-Krab (Male)

If you’re worried about a language barrier, don’t be! Thailand sees over 35 million tourists a year, so they’re used to hearing English and other foreign languages. Many Thai people, especially in the tourist areas, can communicate in English. I actually rarely ran into a language barrier in this city. However, if you do leave the tourist areas, English will be harder to find.

Is Thailand Safe?

Yes, Thailand is incredibly safe! As a solo female traveler, I always have my wit about me, but in general, I feel very safe and relaxed in this country. 

Like any other big city, you need to be careful with pickpockets and being overcharged for items. To avoid pickpockets, always carry your valuables in front of you, especially in crowded places.

Also, Bangkok at night can be a different story. I have heard some scary stories about some of the nightlife in Bangkok. Be smart and travel in a group at night through these areas.

In general, Thais are very nice and welcoming people who want to show you their beautiful country. They are happy to see you and host you. You really can feel this while you are visiting.

temple attire - Bangkok itinerary 2 days

What to Pack for Bangkok

Bangkok Itinerary 2 Days

  • Comfortable shoes – You’re going to be walking a lot in Bangkok! Wear comfortable shoes that you can walk long distances in. Also, a waterproof pair of sandals will go a long way, especially during the rainy season.
  • Sunscreen – Most sunscreen in Thailand has a whitening agent in it. If you don’t want this whitening agent you will have to pay a premium for a special sunscreen and it can be hard to find. I recommend you pack your own sunscreen from home.
  • Temple Appropriate clothing – As mentioned, temples have a required attire. This means no shoulders or knees showing. Also, spandex is generally frowned upon. For men, it’s a lot easier to adhere to this attire. For women, this means you’ll want to have your shoulders covered and your knees covered. I like to wear a skirt or flowy pants. If you want to wear a tank top, have a scarf on hand to cover your shoulders with it.
  • Rain gear – Unless you’re visiting during the dry season (November-March), you’re going to want to have rain gear on you. There are ponchos sold at every 7/11 all around Bangkok. But besides this, pack dry-fit clothing that will dry fast and good shoes to wear in the rain. It often floods in Bangkok.

Best Day Trips from Bangkok 

Bangkok is a massive city with lots to do, but sometimes you want to get out of the city for a day. Here are my two favorite day trips, both of which I have done.


Known as Thailand’s ancient city, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is filled with history and ruins around every corner. Here, you can explore the ruins and see a smaller central Thailand city. Ayutthaya is also very popular with tourists.

This city is really unique and unlike anywhere else in Thailand. These spots are awesome to take photos and witness Thailand’s history first hand.

If you want to visit Ayutthaya, there are two options, you can with a tour or visit on your own.

Visiting Ayutthaya with a tour will give you lots of history and information about the city… and this city is loaded with fun facts. I really recommend doing a tour, unless you’re extremely comfortable getting around Thailand on your own.

I recommend this tour. A tour of Ayutthaya will take you a full day adventure. You’ll be picked up and dropped off in Bangkok and taken on a bus to Ayutthaya. You’ll have a newfound appreciation and understanding of this country after this tour.

Ayutthaya Temple Ruins - Bangkok itinerary 2 days

Floating Market and Railway Market

The Damnoen Sudauk Floating Market and Maeklong Railways Market are popular tourist attractions in Bangkok. These are really difficult to visit without a tour, so I recommend booking a tour!

These markets are famous all over social media, and many visitors travel to Bangkok just to see these sights, even though they are a two-hour drive away from the city!

I booked a day tour from Bangkok to see the Maeklong Railway Market and the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. This day trip is a lot of time in the car, and with little time at the markets, but I enjoyed it.

Like many other tourists, I too wanted to see it with my own eyes and have my own photos of these popular spots.

The markets are definitely touristy, but are a fun way to purchase your souvenirs from Bangkok!

floating market

Final Thoughts on Bangkok Itinerary for 2 Days

A Bangkok Itinerary in 2 days is a short amount of time to see all of Bangkok. In this itinerary I took you to the best spots in Bangkok like temples, Chinatown, shopping malls, and more. 

Bangkok has so much to offer, and I recommend you adapt the itinerary to your preferences for the trip. For example, I skipped the popular Grand Palace, but if that’s a must-do for you, then definitely make time for it!

Bangkok has so much to offer, it’s impossible to do it all in such a short amount of time. I have visited for over 4 weeks total and still find a lot to do! Returning for a second trip is always a great idea.


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bangkok city view - Bangkok 5 day itinerary

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