7 Day Thailand Itinerary: 3 Unique Itinerary Ideas Thailand (2024)

The land of smiles, delicious food, and stunning natural beauty. Thailand sees over 35 million tourists each year. It’s no wonder there are so many different ways to plan your trip to Thailand. This 7-day Thailand Itinerary will provide you with three unique ways to spend your Thailand holiday.


I taught English in Thailand for over a year, and during this year I had lots of opportunities to travel to this beautiful country. In my travels, I saw all parts of Thailand and a few I even got to visit a couple of times!


This 7-Day Thailand Itinerary will give you three amazing routes to plan your week in Thailand! From the cultural north, picture-perfect south, and historic central, this Thailand itinerary gives you three incredible ways to spend your time in Thailand.

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7-Day Thailand Itinerary: 3 Unique Itinerary Ideas Thailand white sand beaches in southern thailand - 7 day thailand itinerary

Thailand 7-Day Itinerary Overview

When planning your week in Thailand, odds are you want to squeeze in as much as possible to get the most out of your experience. While it is possible to see the big city life in Bangkok, northern Thai culture in Chiang Mai, and the beautiful beaches in the south in just 7-days, I don’t recommend it.

Trying to do it all too quickly, you will spend most of your days traveling to the next spot, and less time experiencing Thailand. If you want to see it all, you will need at least 10 days in Thailand.

I lived and worked in Thailand for over a year, and during this time I got to travel and see all parts of Thailand. I have put together three unique 7-day itineraries that allow you to make the most of your time. But first, you’ll have to decide where you want to go.

Northern Thailand Overview

Northern Thailand is known to be the cultural hub of Thailand. However, each part of Thailand has its own culture. You’ll find that the north is drastically different from the south. How people speak, how they drive, and their way of life are all different.

The central tourist hub in northern Thailand is Chiang Mai. I may be biased because I lived here, but this city is the best in Thailand!

Chiang Mai has an abundance of Buddhist temples, traditional northern Thai dresses, close proximity to the hill tribes, and more.

If you want culture, elephants, and mountains, this will be your itinerary.

Southern Thailand Overview

Known for its world-class beaches and crystal clear water, Southern Thailand is where most people picture their Thailand vacation. Southern Thailand is gorgeous and has many incredible islands and cities that make it easy to visit.

Southern Thailand is a perfect way to spend 7 days in Thailand. It’s enough time to experience city life and also slow down at the beaches. When you google Thailand, you’ll probably find most pictures are of the beautiful southern Thailand islands.

Central Thailand Overview

If you want to minimize your travel days on your 7-day Thailand itinerary, central Thailand is for you! In Central Thailand, you’ll have more time to explore the big city of Bangkok (there’s a lot to do here!), visit ancient ruins in Ayuttaya, and walk through important parts of Thailand’s history in Kanchanaburi.

Thailand Airports Overview

Bangkok airport - 7 day thailand itinerary

Odds are you are planning on flying into Thailand for your week-long vacation! If so, I recommend you fly into Bangkok. 

During your 7-Day Thailand Itinerary, you will fly into Bangkok and begin your trip there.

There are two major airports here that service long-haul international flights. Let’s break down the two airports and how to get from the airport to the city.

Suvurnhabumi Airport (BKK)

The Suvurnhabumi airport is the largest airport in Thailand, and services most of the long-haul international flights. This airport is a way outside of the city, but it’s conveniently connected to transport you downtown.

If you fly into the BKK airport, you can take the BTS (Bangkok’s train) or a taxi to the city. These will be the two easiest options. The BTS train is cheaper and is connected well to most parts of Bangkok, but it will take longer. A taxi will be the fastest, easiest, but most expensive way to get to your Bangkok accommodation.

If you are traveling with others, I recommend you to grab a taxi.

Don Mueang Airport (DMK)

The Don Mueang Airport is closer to the city and is generally known as the budget airport. This airport will serve many of the no-frills airlines.

This airport is smaller and has fewer flights each day, but it is also a great option. If you fly here, you will take a taxi into the city. This will be the best way to get from BMK to downtown Bangkok.

7 Day Thailand Itinerary: Northern Thailand

The first 7-day Thailand itinerary will take you to explore the big city of Bangkok and the beautiful mountains and cultural hub in northern Thailand. Let’s begin!

chiang mai temple - 7 day thailand itinerary

Day 1 – Bangkok: Temples and Tourist Attractions

7 Day Thailand Itinerary

Begin your 7-day Thailand itinerary in the big city of Bangkok. Bangkok is massive and has a population of 8 million people! This means there is no shortage of things to do here. 

Once you arrive in Bangkok, head to your accommodation. Bangkok is a spread-out city, with a few central tourist areas. Here are my recommendations for where to stay in Bangkok.

  • Sukhumvit – Lined with shopping malls, restaurants, and nightlife, and is well connected to the rest of Bangkok on the BTS or metro.
  • Siam – Siam is one of the most famous districts in Bangkok because of the rooftop bars, and cultural attractions, and is also well connected to the rest of Bangkok.
  • Khoa San Road – This area is close to the river in Bangkok and is popular among backpackers. Choose this location if you’re a social butterfly on a budget.
  • Riverside – This is for the luxury traveler. Riverside is home to many of Bangkok’s best hotels with awesome rooftop pools. Also, it’s close to many of the temples and cultural attractions.

Bangkok city street - 7 day thailand itinerary

Once you’re all checked into your accommodation, it’s time to explore the street food! Street food is an absolute staple and must-do on any trip to Bangkok, no matter your budget. Although it can be nice to eat at a fancy restaurant, the authentic experience comes on the streets. Chances are, your accommodation will be close to a street food market. 

If you’re willing to travel for some awesome street food, here are a few places I recommend.

  • Sukhumvit Soi 38 – This famous street will have every Thai dish you can dream of while being easily accessible.
  • Chinatown – Close to the river, Chinatown is home to so much street food. These lively streets are worth a visit at any time of day, but especially nice when you’re looking for something to eat. 
  • Petchaburi Soi 5 – Located in Siam, this awesome market has plenty of seating and is famous for Mark Wein’s Youtube channel.

Lastly, finish your day by heading to the river for a sunset. Thailand has gorgeous sunsets, and a place like Bangkok has plenty of epic places to view. The river will have sunset cruises, rooftop bars, and more in the area. Find what best suits your interests and enjoy your evening along the river.

7 Day Thailand Itinerary

Day 2 – Bangkok: Day Trip to Floating Market and Railway Market or Ayuttaya

Option 1: Floating Market and Railway Market

floating market - 7 day thailand itinerary

Your second day in Bangkok will be filled with markets! The famous floating market and railway markets are at the top of travelers’ lists. These unique markets are a lot of fun to visit but must be done on a tour.

I booked a day tour from Bangkok to see the Maeklong Railway Market and the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Both the markets are a lot to see, and you can find lots of souvenirs and Thai food here!

Pro-tip: in Thailand, bartering for your souvenir is standard! Always offer them lower than what they originally asked. Usually, they will give it to you for cheaper.

This day trip takes a 2-hour drive one-way to the markets, and then you spend time exploring the markets. This makes it almost a full-day trip!

Option 2: Ayutthaya: Thailand’s Ancient City


Your second option for a day trip takes you to Ayutthaya. Ayutthaya is Thailand’s ancient city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is filled with history and ruins! It’s an easy day trip to take alone via the train, but i’d recommend booking a tour. A tour will give you the history and show you the best places to go in the city.

Ayutthaya is a really unique city, with ruins around every corner. These spots are awesome to take photos and transport you back in time.

However, a day trip to Ayutthaya is a big day, almost 12 hours of touring! This tour is amazing and is filled with loads of information about Ayutthaya, but also Bangkok and Thailand’s history. You’ll have a newfound appreciation and understanding of this country after this tour.

You can book this tour here.

Once you’ve arrived back in Bangkok after your day trip, consider heading back to your accommodation for a quick freshen-up. Tonight will be the night to experience Bangkok’s nightlife. Depending on the type of traveler you are, you can head to a rooftop bar, one of the popular party streets, or just head out for a nighttime walking excursion. 

Bangkok at night is a vibrant city. There are so many corners of it with tall billboards and street signs that light up the night sky.

Day 3 – Bangkok: Temples and Boat Rides –

7 Day Thailand Itinerary

wat arun temple bangkok

Day 3 of your 7-Day Thailand Itinerary takes you to all the famous temples in Bangkok.

Start your morning off early at the Grand Palace. This temple is the biggest and most popular temple to visit in Bangkok (and all of Thailand!) You’ll want to show up about 30 minutes prior to the opening time.

The Grand Palace will take you between 2-4 hours to complete.

Once you’re finished with the Grand Palace, there are lots of places outside of it for you to grab a bite to eat while you head to your next temple.

Across the river from the Grand Palace, you’ll find Wat Arun. Wat Arun is my favorite temple in Bangkok because it’s unique and typically has fewer tourists than some of the others. This beautiful temple hugs the river and can be accessed by boat from the Grand Palace.

After you’ve experienced some temples in Bangkok, take a boat ride along the River Phraya. There are lots of boat tour companies to choose from. A boat tour along the river is a nice way to see the temples from the outside, as many of them are located along the river. But also, it’s a relaxing way to spend the afternoon after lots of walking around the temples!

After your boat cruise, head back to your accommodation to freshen up because you’ll be taking the overnight train to Chiang Mai tonight!

Taking an overnight train in Thailand is a right of passage for backpackers. It must be done. Even if you are not a backpacker, the overnight train is a unique experience that I highly recommend!

There are many different types of seats to choose from during your train ride. I’d recommend confirming there’s air conditioning in the unit you want.

Anyway, book your train tickets in advance! You can book it at 12go.asia.

Day 4 – Chiang Mai: Temples and Old Town

temple ruins in Chiang Mai Thailand - 7 day thailand itinerary

You’ll arrive in Chiang Mai in the morning after your overnight train. To get from the Chiang Mai Train Station to your hotel, there will be lots of Tuk Tuk’s and Songtaew to take you to your accommodation.

Once you’re settled into your accommodation, you’ll want to head to Old Town to have some lunch and check out the temples.

Chiang Mai is a much smaller city than Bangkok and does not have any useful public transportation for foreigners. Here, you’ll want to talk about most places.

Chiang Mai is home to hundreds of cafes so you should be able to find one you like very easily.

The beauty of Chiang Mai is getting lost on the streets. Use this time to explore, wander down cute roads, and see all Chiang Mai has to offer. You’ll probably encounter a few temples along the way too.

I recommend using this time to see the famous temples of Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Lok Moli, and Wat Phra Singh.

End your first night in Chiang Mai with a visit to a night market. If you are visiting on a Monday-Friday, you’ll want to head to the famous Night Bazaar. This market is open every night and is home to loads of street food and souvenir shopping. It’s located outside of town, so you’ll want to take a taxi here.

7 day thailand itinerary

If you are visiting on a Saturday or Sunday night, you’ll want to visit the Saturday Night Market or the Sunday Night Market. The Sunday night market is the biggest market in Chiang Mai, and takes up miles of roads in the old town! It’s my favorite market to visit, and a must-do on any Chiang Mai Itinerary.

Day 5 – Chiang Mai: Doi Suthep

7 Day Thailand Itinerary

Day 5 in Chiang Mai will be filled with culture, food, and some beautiful views.

Use the morning to head up to Doi Suthep. This temple is at the top of the mountain closest to the city. At the top, you’ll see stunning views of the city, a beautiful temple, and a Hmong Village Tribe. It’s very easy to spend a couple hours up here.

Doi Suthep

Doi Suthep is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Chiang Mai, but it’s actually about a 45-minute drive up the mountain from the city. You can rent motorbikes and drive up, reserve a songtaew, or book a tour.

If you want to book a tour (which you don’t need, but maybe want) I HIGHLY recommend booking a sunrise tour.

I lived in Chiang Mai for a year and went up to Doi Suthep many times. My favorite time by far was sunrise at the top. This magical experience has you away from crowds and allows you to see this beautiful city wake up in the morning.

After your trip up Doi Suthep, head back to the city for lunch. I recommend trying Khao Soi, the famous Thai dish of northern Thailand. This dish is delicious and is worth trying!

Stop by Khao Soi Mae Sai for the most famous Khao Soi in all the city!

Afterward, you’ll want to sign up for a cooking class at night. Thailand is famous for its food, so it’s a bucket-list experience to learn how to cook it in Thailand!

Day 6 – Chiang Mai: Elephants

chiang mai elephants

No trip to Chiang Mai is complete without stopping to see the elephants. Elephants are a staple of any trip, so today is your day to experience it all! There are dozens of different elephant tour companies in the city. When choosing your tour, consider the animal practices the facility does.

The elephant day trip will take most of the day, and you should be back at your accommodation by the evening.

I’d recommend checking out a different night market or heading to Nimman. Nimman is outside of town but has lots of nice restaurants, an upscale shopping mall, and unique bars. This is a popular area for digital nomads in Chiang Mai. 

Day 7 – Chiang Mai: Old Town and Departure

7 Day Thailand Itinerary

bhuddist statue in northern thailand - 7 day thailand itinerary

Finish your time off in Chiang Mai by completing anything left on your list. This could be a temple, a massage, shopping, or a cafe. After a few days here, there’s probably something you’ve wanted to do but haven’t gotten around to yet.

If you have an extra day, consider using this day for a day trip to the popular Chiang Rai! Chiang Rai is home to the famous White Temple and Blue Temple. But, this day trip is a 12-14 hour trip, so you’d need a lot of free time.

The end of your 7-day Thailand Itinerary is complete, so it’s now time to catch your flight back to Bangkok or to your next destination.

7 Day Thailand Itinerary: Southern Thailand

Looking for the perfect Southern Thailand Itinerary? This 7-day Southern Thailand itinerary takes you to all the best spots in southern Thailand as well as spending time in Bangkok.

After having lived in Thailand for one year, you may notice a very popular city, Phuket, on this itinerary. Although Phuket is a wonderful city that hosts loads of tourists, I much prefer Krabi. This 7-day Southern Thailand itinerary will take you through the big city of Bangkok down to the beautiful beaches of Krabi.

southern thailand 7 day thailand itinerary

Day 1-Day 3: Bangkok

7 Day Thailand Itinerary

Day 1-3 will be spent in Bangkok. Because this is the most likely airport you will fly into, starting here makes the most sense. You can refer to the first 3 days of the 7-Day Northern Thailand Itinerary for a detailed guide to what to do in Bangkok.

bangkok city view

Day 4: Fly to Krabi and Relax by the Beach

Krabi is paradise. This Thailand city has it all, Thail culture, post-card beaches, and lots of things to do for travelers, without being overdone. This is my favorite spot to visit in the south of Thailand because it’s easily accessible with lots of things to do.

To get to Krabi, take a quick flight from Bangkok to the Krabi airport. Then, you’ll organize a bus that takes you to your accommodation.

I highly recommend staying in the Ao Nang Beach area or Railay Beach. These two spots are the best places to stay as a tourist looking to get to the islands. Krabi Town is a Thai town, with lots to do, but not really any beaches.

Spend the day relaxing at Ao Nang beach and exploring the town. After two busy days in Bangkok, you’ll really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere here.

Krabi Thailand Boat Dock - 7 day thailand itinerary

Day 5 – Krabi/ Railay Beach

7 Day Thailand Itinerary

On your second day in Krabi head to Railey Beach! This beach is famous because the only way to get here is via boat! The long-tail boats pick you up at Ao Nang beach like a taxi would. 

Railey Beach is famous for its limestone cliffs, beautiful beaches, and world-class rock climbing. There’s also a hike (or two) on the island that is worth doing! The Railey Beach Viewpoint Hike is particularly stunning but is challenging and requires a lot of rock scrambles.

Spend your day hiking around, relaxing by the beach, and watching monkeys! There are loads of monkeys on this island, and they are brave monkey’s. Hold your belongings close or they might take them from you!

Spend all day here relaxing, and be sure to stay for a sunset. A sunset on Railay Beach is the best time of day to be here. They are magical.

railay beach with limestome cliff in thailand

Day 6 – Island Hopping

7 Day Thailand Itinerary

It’s time to get out into the islands! There are many day trips you can take from Krabi. Two of my favorites are the Phi Phi Island day trip and Hong Island day trips.

Phi Phi Island day trip takes you on a bigger boat to see the famous Maya Bay. This day trip is filled with incredible sites, many of which are very famous! You’ll get to spend a lot of time on the boat, a little bit of time on the beach, and some swimming.

Phi Phi Island

The Hong Islands are closer to Krabi and can be done in a long tail. Although they are closer, on this day trip you’ll spend more time exploring islands, swimming, and playing on the beach. However, you don’t get to see the famous Maya Bay. I really loved the Hong Islands trip because its a bit less crowded, and you can book your own private boat tour for much cheaper.

This full-day excursion will leave you tired by the end of the day. Spend your evening back in Krabi relaxing and having an easy meal near your accommodation.

Day 7 – Fly back to Bangkok

7 Day Thailand Itinerary

Your last day on this 7-day Thailand itinerary is to tie up any loose ends. Depending on the time of your flight, you may have time to do an activity or two.

Some ways to spend your last day is to hike the Tiger Cave Temple, visit Krabi Town, or relax by the beach again.

7 Day Thailand Itinerary: Central Thailand

Looking for less flying and more time to see the authentic side of Thailand? This 7-day Thailand Itinerary is for you! On this itinerary, we will explore Bangkok, visit the ruins in Ayutthaya, learn history in Kanchanaburi, and soak in nature at Erawon National Park.

Day 1-2 – Bangkok

Spend your first two days in Bangkok. I recommend referring to the 7-day Northern Thailand itinerary for ways to spend this time. Follow days 1 and 3 to have a taste of this magical city!

Bangkok floating market

Day 3 – Ayutthaya Day Trip

7 Day Thailand Itinerary

Next, head to Ayutthaya, the ancient city of Thailand. Similarly to days 1-2, head to the 7-day Northern Thailand Itinerary Day 2 to learn more about Ayutthaya. You can book a day tour from Bangkok to take you to this wonderful city.

Once you arrive, you will be transported back in time walking through all the ancient ruins. I really recommend a tour for this experience for you to learn about the city.

Ayutthaya Temple Ruins - 7 day thailand itinerary

Day 4 – Kanchanaburi

On day 4, you’ll head to Kanchanaburi. There are two ways to get from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi, by bus or by train. For now, the bus is the best way to get there.

I recommend taking the train at least in one direction for the trip, as its part of the history of the city. Take the train on the way back to Bangkok, after you’ve learned a bit more about it, so you appreciate the history behind it more.

The bus takes about 2 hours from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi. You’ll find tourists here, but not nearly as many. It feels much more Thai and local here.

It’s a small city and most places are walkable, so when booking your accommodation, almost anywhere will do.

Spend the afternoon and evening exploring the town and checking out the night market. The night market here is a lot of fun, and less overwhelming than Bangkok!

Kanchanaburi - 7 day thailand itinerary

Day 5 – Kanchanaburi: History Tour

This is your day to get to know Kanchanaburi’s history. Although it has a dark past, it’s important to learn about it. In the city, you’ll find loads of museums and historical places to visit.

Kanchanaburi played a large part in World World 2, and is recently popular with the film “The Bridge over the River Kwai”. 

Spend your morning at the Jearth War Museum. This museum takes about 2 hours to complete. When you’re finished, you may be hungry for some lunch. Grab food nearby.

Spend your afternoon on the River Kwai. There are many boat tours that will take you along the river. It’s a relaxing ride through beautiful mountains and nature. 

Then, visit the Death Railway in the evening. The Death Railway is over for visitors to walk along, and it’s also near a night market. When you’re finished, you should have dinner at this market and enjoy the sunset over the river.

Day 6 – Erawan National Park

7 Day Thailand Itinerary

On your last full day in Kanchanaburi, head to Erawan National Park! Erawan National Park is said to be home to the most gorgeous waterfall in all of Thailand! This day trip is about an hour and a half outside of Kanchanaburi, I recommend booking a tour or taking the bus. You can take a motorbike, but it’s not super comfortable for the long ride ahead.

At Erawan National Park you can swim in the waterfall and enjoy time in nature.

On your way back, ask to stop at the Tiger Cave Temple. This temple is along the way and is beautiful. It’s really unlike any other temple I’ve been to in Thailand. Also, it has awesome 360-degree views from the top.

Day 7 – Back to Bangkok

On your final day in Kanchanaburi, schedule the train back to Bangkok. Riding the train will be a meaningful experience to polish off your time here.

Final Thoughts on Your 7 Day Thailand Itinerary

These three 7-day Thailand itineraries allow you to see what Thailand has to offer! 7 days barely scratches the surface of things to do in this wonderful country, but it will give you a taste of what to expect. I hope you have found this helpful for your upcoming Thailand adventure.


Note: This post contains affiliate links. When you make a purchase using one of these affiliate links, we get paid a small commission at no extra cost to you.

southern thailand 7 day thailand itinerary

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