What to Know Before Your Trip to Copper Mountain

Known as the Athletes Mountain, Copper Mountain in Colorado is known for its world-class skiing, Olympic size half-pipe park terrain, and beginner-friendly terrain.


Copper mountains diverse terrain and close proximity to Denver make it one of the best mountains in Colorado.

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Everything you Need to Know about Copper Mountain Colorado

Located in Summit County, Colorado, Copper Mountain is a favorite among locals and is lesser-known to tourists. After spending a ski season working here, I have grown to love this resort. With plenty of things to do at Copper Mountain, it is a perfect place to vacation in Colorado.

Here is your Copper Mountain Colorado Guide.

Copper Mountain View

Copper Mountain Quick Facts

Base Elevation: 9,712 feet

Summit Elevation: 12,441 feet

Total Skiable Terrain: 2,507 acres

Total Chair Lifts: 24 lifts

Copper Mountain is on the IKON pass

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How To Get To Copper Mountain

There are two airports within driving distance to Copper Mountain, Denver International Airport and Eagle County Airport. Both airports service mainline airlines, such as Delta, Unites, and American Airlines.

Denver International Airport to Copper Mountain

Once you arrive in Denver, there are two options to get to Copper Mountain.

Rent a Car

Renting a car provides the most flexibility, and if you are traveling with a large party, can be the cheapest option.

The drive from Denver International Airport to Copper is about 2 hours. The drive is on I-70 and is a 2 lane highway through the mountains. Next, it is located directly off the exit. 

Pro-Tip: Drive during the day to Copper if possible, the mountain roads have unpredictable weather and if you are unfamiliar with the roads, can be unsafe at night during the winter. Also, it’s just beautiful mountain views the whole way that you do not want to miss!

Summit Express Shuttle

The Summit Express Shuttle runs from Denver International Airport to Copper Mountain daily, departing every 2 hours. This option is great if you are planning on staying here for your whole visit.

The shuttle is also convenient if you are not comfortable driving in snowy conditions.

The Summit Express prices range between $79-$99 one way.

Eagle County Airport to Copper Mountain

The Eagle County Airport is a 1-hour drive away from Copper Mountain.

The only option to get from this airport to Copper Mountain is to Rent a Car.


Renting a car at Eagle County Airport is very easy and the drive is on the two-lane highway, i-70 the whole drive.

Copper Mountain entrance

Copper Mountain Terrain Layout

This mountain has some of the best naturally divided terrain in Colorado. With an abundance of trails at every skill level, it truly is a perfect family-friendly resort. The mountain is sectioned off into three villages, East, Center, and West.

West Village at Copper Mountain

West Village is known for its beginner terrain and the park. Home to ski and ride school, bunny hills, and its park. West Village is home to a majority of easy green runs.

There are two base lifts in West Village, Kokomo Express and Woodward Express.

Kokomo Express serves the bunny hill while Woodward Express is a good next step from Kokomo and also serves as the starting point to the Woodward Park.

Center Village at Copper Mountain

Center Village is the main hub at Copper. Additionally, here you will find an abundance of shopping, dining, and entertainment. Center Village is also home to green and blue runs, an Olympic sized half-pipe, and entertainment.

Center Village Lifts

There are two base lifts in Center Village, American Flyer and American Eagle.

The American Flyer lift is a high-speed, 6-person, bubble chair lift and is a great connector to the mountain. You can reach many green and blue lifts from there.

The American Eagle lift is another 6-person chair lift that services access to blue runs and the halfpipe.

East Village at Copper Mountain

East Village is home to the tubing hill and expert terrain, in fact, the U.S ski team trains here every year!

Additionally, here there is one lift at its base, Superbee. 

Things to do at Copper Mountain

If you are not into skiing or snowboarding, no worries! There are so many fun activities to enjoy while you are here.


Located in East Village, tubing at copper is SO much fun. I loved every chance I got to go tubing! With the beautiful mountain views as you zoom down the hill, it is definitely worth it. 

Tubing can only open once the snowfall is plentiful, meaning it usually does not open until January. Always check ahead of time to be sure it is open!

Center Village Copper Mountain

Alpine Coaster

In Center Village, you will find the Alpine Coaster. The alpine coaster is a 4-minute ride down a coaster that weaves you through the American Flyer terrain.

Watch skiers and snowboarders as you ride down the coaster, going at your own speed!

Ice Skating

Located in Center Village, there is a huge ice skating rink and ice skate rentals. They even have hockey goals and ice skating helpers to help you learn.

Woodward Barn

Woodward Barn is the PERFECT spot for kids of all ages, including you dad!

Home to foam pits, trampolines, skate parks, and BMX zones, Woodward barn is a fun place to stay warm, get some energy out, and improve skills!

What is unique about the Woodward Barn is they have customized snowboards where you are able to practice snowboarding jumps into foam pits!

Spa Day

Copper Mountain is home to an Athletic club and spa. Go get yourself a massage after your long travel day or intense ski day. Treat yo self!

Watch the Superpipe in Center Village

Copper is known as the Athlete’s Mountain so it attracts many very talented skiers and snowboarders. Find a nice seat in center village and people watch! The superpipe is visible from Center Village and is awesome to watch.

View from the top of Copper Mountain

Green Acres

Still learning how to ski but not ready to commit and spend the money? Purchase a green acres ticket! Green Acres is a very mild bunny hill located between Center and East Village, and is a private area just for beginners.

Tickets are $20 per person for this lift, and it is a great alternative to the much more expensive lift tickets!

As you can see, it is easy to fall in love with Copper Mountain! With so many things to do at here, I have fallen in love with this place and I hope you visit is just as magical. What’s your favorite ski resort in Colorado? Let me know in the comments!

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