Devil’s Den Florida: 10 Best Tips for Your Visit!

Nestled just under 2 hours north of Orlando, the Devil’s Den is a one-of-a-kind destination.

This prehistoric spring is one of the oldest places in North America, with fossil finds dating back millions of years to the Pleistocene Age.

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Devil’s Den State Park in Florida is gorgeous and very popular with good reason! Its karst window carved out of the top provides a beautiful glow inside of the cave and is great for photographers and nature lovers. Additionally, The cave is open to Snorkelers and Scuba Divers and stays at a cool 72 degrees year-round.

The Devil’s Den is a great road trip stop or day trip from Tampa, Orlando, or Gainsville, which undoubtedly makes this a very popular spot among tourists and locals! So, if this is your first time to the Devil’s Den, here are my top tips for snorkelers at the Devil’s Den!

Make Reservations for Devil’s Den

devil's den entrance

Reservations are REQUIRED for snorkelers at the Devils Den. You can book your reservations here.

However, in the slow season, you can usually make them the day of, but if you are visiting in the summer be sure to book in advance!

The Den is open every day from 8-4pm and the last reservations start at 3pm on weekdays and 3:30pm on weekends.

Rent Snorkel Gear or Bring Your Own

pricing for devil's den

Snorkeling is very popular in the Den, as you will see many fish and maybe even turtles! However, you are required to have a mask, snorkel, and fins to snorkel in Devil’s Den.

Additionally, they will rent these to you in a set, or if you are missing some pieces of it, you can rent items individually!

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Pack Snacks or Lunch

lunch area

Depending on the time of day you choose to visit, you will want to pack your own snacks!

It’s important to note that there are limited food options in the immediate vicinity of the town of Williston, where the Den is located, which is quite small. So, pack your own snacks and enjoy your afternoon on one of the many picnic tables.

Pack Sunscreen for Devil’s Den

If you have any experience in Florida, you know that the sun here is no joke! Pack your sunscreen and be sure to apply it regularly, especially in the summer months. Although you will be inside the cave, the sun still shines through!

Leave Your Valuables at Home

There are no lockers for storage at the Devil’s Den! Therefore, anything that you bring with you will be left at your picnic table before you enter and you are unable to see this area while you are inside the den. So, leave your valuables in your car or at home if you will be worrying about them!

Bring an Underwater Camera for Photos

devil's den

The Devil’s Den is truly amazing, the natural spring water provides a clear snorkeling experience, where you are able to see to the bottom, at 54 feet deep! So remember pack your own camera to capture these moments. 

I brought my GoPro Hero 8 Black and it worked perfectly! I also saw others who had a waterproof case for their phone to use!

Bring Your Own Towels

Pack your own towels because you will be swimming! Please note, there are no towel rentals on the property, so bring your own.

Camp/RV/Cabins are Available at Devil’s Den

devil's den check in

The Devil’s Den is also home to a campground! Tent camp, RV camp, or rent a cabin right next to the attraction! 

Tent Camping – $12 – first come first serve

RV Camping – $35 under 25 ft/ $37.50 pull through – reservations required

Cabins – there are 4 cabins on property for rent, $140 a night.

Walk Around the Gardens


Additionally, right next to the Devil’s Den, you will find a beautiful garden area! This area is home to a beautiful pond with many ducks, bridges, and greenery. In fact, this path leads to the cabins for guests staying on the property, but anyone is free to walk around the area. 

Pack a Good Attitude

As I mentioned before, the Devil’s Den can be very crowded during the busy season! Therefore, it is important to be patient and ready. Odds are, you will not have the experience all to yourself.

Additionally, the Devil’s Den water remains at 72 degrees. I visited on a 70-degree day, and the water was chilly at first, but once I was in, I stayed in for an hour! It was great. But, be prepared for the water to feel cold at first, I promise it will be worth it!

Final Thoughts on the Devil’s Den

There are my top 10 tips for visiting Devil’s Den! In conclusion, I hope these are able to help make your visit enjoyable and easy. With the prehistoric fossils, crystal clear spring water, and wildlife, you are sure to enjoy this unique offering in Florida.

Have any more questions about the Devil’s Den? Let me know in the comments!   

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