20 Amazing Countries for Solo Female Travel

Solo female travel is an empowering statement. If you are wanting to travel the world but maybe you do not have anyone to go with, or you want to go alone, solo female travel is an awesome way to explore!

I have been a solo female traveler since 2018. Each time I travel alone, I fall more and more in love with the experience!

My goal for this post is to show you the 20 best countries for solo female travel. From Asia to Europe and everything in between, these 20 countries are all tried and true among the solo female traveler community.

 solo travler in Japan - best countries for solo female travel

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Is a solo trip a good idea for a girl?

Absolutely a solo trip is a good idea for a girl! Solo trips for a girl are empowering and usually safe. Of course, like anywhere, you have to keep your wits about you and follow rules like don’t be out too late at night alone. But, in general, solo female travel is very safe.

Myself and countless other women embark are solo travel each year. When traveling solo, there are many ways to maximize your safety.

The rules I follow to stay safe during solo female travel are:

  • Don’t stay outside at night alone
  • Don’t get intoxicated
  • Always trust your gut
  • Tell someone you trust, your location at all times.

In general, a solo trip for a girl is an incredibly fun and safe experience. After I solo traveled through many countries, I have put together a list of the 20 best countries for solo female travel. 

20 Best Countries for Solo Female Travel

After many solo travel trips to countless countries, I’ve combined my favorite (with a few up next on my bucket list) travel destinations for solo female travel.


Safety: 9/10
Ability to Make Friends: 10/10

Chiang Mai Thailand during the lantern festival - best countries for solo female travel

They say never start the list with your personal favorite, but I need to break the rules here. Thailand is an incredibly safe country with a huge backpackers and tourist scene. 

One of the many reasons Thailand is so safe is because it’s a Buddhist country. The Buddhists believe very strongly in karma and good energy. So, they want to do good and be good to people, and in return, they will have good karma.

Because Thailand is a tourist hotspot, it can mean there is lots of pickpocketing and petty theft. While in bigger cities, like Bangkok and Phuket, follow steps to ensure you don’t get pickpocketed. Carry your bag in front of you, have a strong zipper, etc. are necessary in crowded spots.

One of the best parts about Thailand is the ability to make friends. Here, there are so many travelers, so if you are staying in a hostel, it’s really easy to make friends.

During solo female travel, having a network of like-minded travelers, that you feel good about, enhances the experience. Traveling in numbers also increases safety. 

So, if you are looking for one of the best places in the world for solo female travel, head to Thailand.


Safety: 10/10
Ability to Make Friends: 8/10

switzerland - best countries for solo female travel

Famous for cheese, cows, and chocolate, Switzerland is one of the safest places in the world for travelers. The Swiss are really nice people who have a big love for nature. 

Here, they have very low levels of bigger crimes, however, petty theft is increasing. Petty theft mostly happens here in crowded areas within cities and on public transportation. As with anywhere else, keep your wits about you.

Switzerland is one of the safest and most beautiful countries in the world. However, it is also a very expensive country. This means backpacking and hostel life are much more expensive. So, sometimes It can be hard to make friends, as there are fewer travelers staying here for long periods of time.

Additionally, many people in Switzerland speak English, therefore it is easier for English-speaking solo female travelers to get around. If you are not ready for the plunge of Asia, this is an awesome spot to start solo female traveling.


Safety: 10/10
Ability to Make Friends: 8/10

solo female traveler taking a selfie with japanese temple

Japan is a bucket-list destination for so many travelers. It’s futuristic big cities and traditional small towns are lots of fun. Japan holds a special place in my heart, as one of my first solo travel experiences.

Japan is known for its safety. Of course, like any other country, you will find pickpockets in the tourist hot spots. But, Japan has low levels of big crime.

Japan is also a very popular country for backpackers. In big cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, you will find lots of hostels and tons of travel in the hostels. Staying in hostels are the best way to make friends while solo female traveling. Here, you can make friends to explore with, and safety is in numbers.

Japan absolutely is one of the best countries for first-time solo female travelers.


Safety 9/10
Ability to Make Friends 9/10

sydeny harbor in australia - best countries for solo female travel

The biggest country on the list, Australia has a huge backpacking and traveling scene. Many of the cities are built up for tourists, and flights and busses easily connect many cities.

Australia is a very safe country, and great for first-time solo female travelers because it is an English-speaking country and really easy to navigate. It also has great weather year-round!

For many, Australia is a bucket list destination. Home to the Sydney Opera House, incredible hippie towns, and The Outback, there is also a wide variety of activities here. This bucket-list destination is a perfect place to start solo female traveling.


Safety: 10/10
Ability to Make Friends: 8/10

Toronto skyline in Canada

Oh, Canada! A cold country known for its beautiful nature, big cities, cold weather, and maple syrup. Canada is a great place for solo female travel because it’s very safe. The locals here are friendly and there are many different things for travelers to do.

Canada is famous for its working holiday visa. This visa gives many travelers a way to live and work in Canada! This makes it very easy to meet people and long-term travel.

Although I prefer Canada in the summer because of the beautiful weather and national parks, the winter is also magical. From northern lights and world-class ski resorts, the winter is also a good time to visit.

New Zealand

Safety: 10/10
Ability to Make Friends: 10/10

nature picture of new zealand - best countries for solo female travel

New Zealand ranks high on many travelers’ bucket lists (including my own!) because of its insane beauty. New Zealand is a perfect spot for solo female travelers.

Not only in New Zealand a super safe country, but they also have awesome thop-on-hop-off busses to help solo travelers get around. These buses are really efficient at getting you to the popular tourist spots, but also are really easy to make friends on! 

I have heard countless incredible things from solo female travelers to New Zealand. From an abundance of hostels to a well-marked travel route, this country is a great one, especially for beginners!


Safety: 10/10
Ability to Make Friends 9/10

singapore airport - best countries for solo female travel

Famously one of the safest countries in the world, with little-to-no petty crime, Singapore is the perfect spot for solo female travelers. Singapore leans on the luxury and expensive side but also is home to many hostels.

It’s also one of the biggest cities in Southeast Asia, making it a home base for many travelers. Singapore is a city that many backpackers start and end their travels in.

As a solo female traveler, there are lots of big attractions and things to do here alone. But, it is also pretty easy to make friends as well.


Safety: 8.5/10
Ability to Make Friends 9/10

madrid city view - best countries for solo female travel

Spain, I love you! If you are looking for a European getaway as a solo female traveler, Spain is a great place to start. From Madrid to Barcelona, to Sevilla to Malaga, there are so many incredible cities in Spain. 

Spain also has great weather year-round. Spend your days at the beach or shopping in big cities. Additionally, Spanish has a huge backpacking scene. As one of the major tourist destinations in Europe, you will find many other solo travelers in this country.

Like many other countries, you will find petty theft in the bigger cities, so follow the necessary steps to help secure your belongings. But overall, Spain is an awesome choice for first-time solo female travelers.

Costa Rica

Safety 7.5/10
Ability to Make Friends: 8.5/10

rainforest with waterfall in the mountains - best countries for solo female travel

Dreaming of picture-perfect beaches and beautiful rainforests? Costa Rica is generally known to be a safe country and one of the safest in South and Central America for girls. 

Not only is Costa Rica safe, it’s also a beautiful destination filled with lots of fun! There are tons of different types of accommodations here, to suit every budget and lifestyle. It’s very tourist-friendly as well. Costa Rica is tried and true with tourists, so know you are in good hands here.


Safety: 9/10
Ability to Make Friends: 8/10

poland street art - best countries for solo female travel

When I think of my time spent in Poland, I only have the best things to say. I absolutely love Poland. It’s a beautiful country filled with the kindest locals. In my opinion, it’s the hidden gem of Europe. It’s not as popular among backpackers, but many tourists still visit here.

Of course, the big cities continue to have petty theft and be cautious of going out at night. Krakow and Warsaw are both really fun cities, and you will see a different side of Europe here. 

Poland locals are really friendly, nice, and welcoming. As a solo female traveler, I couldn’t recommend this one more.


Safety: 8/10
Ability to Make Friends: 9/10

venice italy gondola

Pizza, pasta, and gelato, what more could you want? Italy is a fantastic place for female solo travelers.

Italy is actually where I took my first solo trip, way back in 2018. Italy has great weather year-round, lots of cities close by, and an easily connected network of trains and buses.

Italy is a tourist hot spot, with plenty of hostels and other travelers, making it quite easy to make friends. However, Italy is known for its pickpocketing. Especially in the bigger cities, keep your valuables close to you and where you can see them.


Safety: 10/10
Ability to Make Friends: 7/10

iceland driving road

An up-and-coming travel destination, Iceland is the perfect spot for nature lovers. Iceland’s unique landscape draws lots of tourists each year. Here you can find epic volcanos, incredible waterfalls, and maybe even the northern lights!

Iceland is famous for its high levels of safety. Many solo female travelers visit Iceland because of this! It’s a small island with low crime levels.

If you are looking to make friends as a solo traveler, this may be a more difficult country. There are hostels, but the public transportation network isn’t great. You will probably want to rent a vehicle to get you around.  

If you do choose to visit Iceland, you are in good company, as many women have visited this country as solo female travelers.


Safety: 10/10
Ability to Make Friends: 8.5/10

austrian alps town - best countries for solo female travel

Austria is incredibly safe and welcoming to solo female travelers. Actually, it in ranked among the top safest countries in Europe for female travelers!

Not only is Austria safe, but it is also incredibly beautiful. Vienna is a world-class destination with accommodations to suit any budget. From incredible 5-star luxury hotels to cheap hostels, there is something for everyone.

Although it is not on the traditional European backpacking route, you will still find many solo travelers here.

Austria is a great place to visit year-round, but winter is especially magical. The Christmas markets in Vienna are bucket-list and so beautiful. The mountains have beautiful skiing. It really is a special place during the winter months.


Safety: 8.5/10
Ability to Make Friends: 10/10

Ha Long Bay in Vietnam

Vietnam is along the Banana Pancake Trail in Southeast Asia. The Banana Pancake Trail is a term used to describe the popular and well-traveled backpacking route in the area.

Vietnam is one of the most popular and safest places for travelers in Southeast Asia. It’s really easy to make friends here as the hostels are always busy and there are lots of travelers and expats in the area.

Vietnam is also a very fun country to visit as a solo female traveler! There are so many adventurous activities and relaxing beach days to be had. 

Although it is a safe country for solo female travelers, here the main thing you’ll want to keep an eye out for is pickpocketing. But, as with many other countries on the list, pickpocketing is most common in the bigger cities.


Safety: 8/10
Ability to Make Friends: 8.5/10

Laos - best countries for solo female travel

Located in Southeast Asia, just north of Thailand, Laos is an incredible destination for solo female travelers. I personally have solo traveled throughout Laos and never once felt unsafe. It’s an incredibly kind and safe country.

Laos is along the Banana Pancake Trail, so you will also find many other travelers, many of whom are solo female travelers. Although it’s a popular spot for backpackers, its a bit off the beaten path for other types of tourists. This means you will find other tourists, but everything isn’t overcrowded.

It’s a really lovely country, and I thoroughly enjoyed it as a solo female traveler.


Safety: 10/10
Ability to Make Friends: 8/10

swedan city street with canal - best countries for solo female travel

Ranked consistently as one of the happiest and safest countries in the world, Sweden makes the list as one of the best countries for solo female travel.

Sweden has over 29 National Parks, making it s nature lovers paradise. It’s best the visit here in the summer, when the National Parks come to life! Stockholm is also a lovely big city. Although it is on the more expensive side of Europe, it is an incredible destination with so much to see and do.

The Netherlands

Safety: 9/10
Ability to Make Friends: 9/10

Amsterdam canal

The Netherlands is home to the big city of Amsterdam. I have visited Amsterdam many times over the years, and I have loved visiting every time. During the summer months, this city is unmatched. Rent bikes to ride along the canals, get whisked away into the beautiful architecture, and learn the history behind this unique city.

Not only is The Netherlands home to Amsterdam, but there are also many other nearby cities that are worth visiting such as Rotterdam.

The Netherlands is a safe country to visit, and I never once felt unsafe here. As always with big cities, just beware of pickpockets.

Amsterdam has a thriving network of hostels, making it a hot spot for tourists as well, so you should be able to make friends easily.


Safety: 9.5/10
Ability to Make Friends 9/10

dublin city street during christmas - best countries for solo female travel

Ireland is a fun beginner solo female travel destination. Dublin is an awesome city full of life and things to do, year-round. It’s also a really popular tourist destination making it easy to make friends as a solo female traveler.

In Ireland, you can witness historic castles, live it up at Irish pubs, and immerse yourself in rolling green hills. It’s really a super fun destination.

I’d say the hardest part about traveling in Ireland is the public transportation. There’s not train system here, so the best way to get around is by tour companies or rent a car. As a solo traveler, it may get lonely renting a car for a road trip alone.

Nevertheless, a quick trip to Dublin is an awesome stop for solo female travelers.


Safety: 10/10
Ability to Make Friends: 9/10

portugal city view - best countries for solo female travel

In recent years, Portugal has become one of the safest countries for solo female travelers! Portugal is a popular tourist spot, because of its beautiful architecture and great year-round weather.

Portugal is a great place to start as a solo female traveler because you will find many other travelers and expats. Also, it’s close to Spain, making it very easily accessible.


Safety: 8/10
Ability to Make Friends: 9/10

rainforest in Bali

Home to the world-famous Bali Island, Indonesia is a perfect spot for solo female travel. Both Bali and the Gili Islands are popular with backpackers, travelers, and expats. 

Bali Island is a welcoming island, and many travelers who visit here end up staying for a long time! It’s a beautiful island that easily accommodates English-speaking travelers.

FAQ’s – Best Countries for Solo Female Travel

Is it awkward to travel alone?

NO! It’s only awkward if you make it awkward, right? In actuality, traveling alone for the first time can be very awkward. This is especially true if you aren’t used to doing things alone in your hometown either.

Traveling along can be a freeing experience. You only have to rely on yourself. Where do you want to eat? What do you want to see? How much money do you want to spend?

Travel solo really teaches you about yourself, because you are forced to be introspective. 

When traveling solo, you may want to make friends. This can be done by staying at a hostel. Even if you are not comfortable with sharing a room with strangers, you can book a private room and still get all of the perks of a hostel.

During my solo travels, I find hostels to be the easiest place to meet people, but it can happen other ways too.

If you are nervous it may be awkward to travel along, I recommend going to a movie or dinner alone in your hometown. Warming up to these activities and getting used to your own company takes time and practice. So, practice at home a few times before taking the big leap.

Is it safe to travel alone?

YES! Yes, it is safe to travel alone! Of course, when solo traveling you are the only person responsible for you, meaning you need to trust your gut and make smart decisions. As a solo female traveler, this could look like not being outside at night, being more alert of your surroundings, and having someone trusted to know your location at all times.

As someone who has solo female traveled solo many times solo, I can say that my best advice is to trust your gut. If you don’t feel safe, leave. For me, this has only happened twice, in my many years of traveling. And usually, I think I am just a bit too paranoid when this does happen.

However, 99% of the time, I feel completely safe when solo female traveling. You’ve got this!

sunrise over chiang mai

How do I meet girls on a solo trip?

Meeting girls on solo trips, I find to be pretty easy! More often than not, I make friends at my hostel. Hostels are like hotel rooms but shared with other travelers, and usually bunkbed style.

Booking hostels with female-only rooms is something I always try to do. Not only do I feel safer with only girls in the room, it’s also really easy to make friends with your bunk mate.

I am extroverted, but as an introvert, it’s really easy to start conversations with fellow travelers. Usually, if you are both traveling to the same destination, you’re bound to have something in common!

You can also meet people in the common area of hostels. Hostels usually have great spots that allow travelers to gather and make friends. Just think, everyone is looking for friends! You will not be the only solo female traveler there, so get out of your comfort zone and try to make friends!

southern thailand 7 day thailand itinerary

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