Disney World Packing List and Tips

A Disney World vacation is one of the premier and best (in my opinion) family vacation spots in the world! Exploring new worlds of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy there is so much to discover. Meet your favorite character, feast on delicious and unique treats, and experience the thrill of Splash Mountain. But, with all this fun it is important to know what to pack for a Disney World vacation

No matter how you choose to spend your vacation in Disney World, it is important to be prepared and pack strategically. In this post I will first cover the clothing articles you should pack depending on the time of year you visit, then I will cover the must-have extras to bring to make your trip easier.

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Clothes to Pack

When packing for a trip to Walt Disney World it is important to bring the right gear to ensure you can enjoy yourself. A trip to Disney World means spending a lot of time outside, so make sure to pack accordingly for the time you visit. Although Florida is known to be hot, its temperature can fluctuate quite a bit depending on the time of year you visit.

Summer (May-October)

Florida is known to be HOT with temperatures averaging 90 degrees in the summer, not including the humidity!

The rainy season in Orlando is long and hot. During the summers it WILL rain every day of your vacation in the afternoon. They are usually quick pop-up showers that last around 30 minutes, but sometimes they can last a few hours. 

Here is what I pack for the rainy and hot summers in Disney World.

Rain Jacket


Lightweight T-shirt/Tanktop


Comfortable shoes (2)

  • Chacos
  • Tennis shoes

Winter (November-April)

The winters in Florida are my favorite! Low humidity and highs averaging in the 70s and 80s, it is perfect weather. Winters in Florida require layers as the mornings and nights cool off from the hot daytime heat.

Believe it or not, cold fronts do occasionally happen in Florida. 

On my first trip to Disney, we visited in January and our average highs were in the 40s! Burrrr!! This only occurs about two weeks every year, but check the weather to see what the temperatures will truly be like. 


Here is what I would pack during the cooler months in Orlando.




Lightweight Jacket

Comfortable walking shoes


What to Pack for Disney World for Inside the Parks

Portable Neck Fan 

Hand-Held Portable Fan

Portable Phone Charger

Eddie Bauer Backpack

Small Snacks



Hand Sanitizer


First Aid Kit



Pro Tip: If you are traveling with a stroller, get creative! Decorate your stroller so that is easily recognizable among hundreds of others.

Disney World is such a fun vacation, and I hope this packing list for Disney World makes your trip easier! Do you have any other packing tips? Let me know in the comments!


I’m Danika! A travel obsessed, Disney adult, with a knack for budgeting.

In 2020 I was furlough from my “dream” job at Disney and have pursued my first love of travel ever since. I have traveled to 33 states and 28 countries spanning 5 continents.

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